There are places in this world where one cannot walk on tiptoe.

They are set, incisive places, e unable to leave, in human and non-human creatures who pass through them, a light, mild memory, but only deep furrows, for better or for worse. So immersive and energetic places, that among their glimpses  even a lake can disappear and reappear overnight. An example of this essential and rocky depth is the Gorizia Karst, which finds, in its fervent magmatic core, the Regional Natural Reserve Lake of Doberdò and Pietrarossa.

An area divided between the municipalities of Monfalcone, Ronchi dei Legionari and Doberdò del Lago, where an apparent dryness eroded by the Adriatic wind gives way, at nightfall, for the imperial march of large carnivores such as bears and jackals. A land where the difficulties of cultivation are fronted with the intelligence and industriousness of a dignified rural culture that knows no obstacles, the one of the Slavic people and their exquisite cuisine.

An arena where the peace of the deafening silence of the present time has been bloodily balanced, just a century ago, by the dull roar of mortars and machine guns, the soundtrack of a useless fratricidal massacre whose memories, traces and warnings can still be found today.

Mementos that help to meditate on what has been, to make it never happen again. Stories and history, cultures and borders, nature and agriculture, in an embrace of continuous and intense contrasts that find narration in the museum, culinary expression at the restaurant, rest at the guesthouse, folklore at the Karts Hall, and regeneration in the paths and in walkings.

An experience  at the same time so universal and so personal, that  in so different ways it is able to express the same intensity to spouses, climbers, historians, naturalists, archeologists, children, hunters, land surveyors, faunists and food lovers. A Nature Reserve, that of the Doberdò and Pietrarossa lakes, as wild as the feelings on which it is built.

The site is managed by the Pavees Cooperative Society, which since 2021 has been doing its utmost to generate, with educational activities and naturalistic management, experiences unique as these lands.
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