Exactly as for animal life, also the leafy and lymphatic vein of the Natural Reserve reflects the hiqh quantity of admixtures of the local evolutionary complexes.

Among the Lake of  Doberdò, humidity dictates the nuances and dryness of the green: from the driest poplar and willow forest to the well-quenched and sunny zones, area of ​​domination of flowering plants; getting closer to constantly wet land portions, the first reeds appear, which later surrender to much more hygrophilous species, such as water lilies.

Among the Lake of Pietrarossa, the willows rules, solen sentinels of a less water whims depending ecosystem, and therefore much more stable. Getting closer to the parasteppe area, the one of the moors that precede the downy oaks and hornbeams of the karst bush,  the processes of scrub and phytological coexistence almost reach the stage of a silent and imperceptible fight, a symbol of the struggle for survival of which the Natural Reserve is so grooved.
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