A structure can’t stand up to defend the environment if it does not stand up to defend the products of its land.

Aware of this irrefutable truth, Pavees Cooperative Society, in synergy with local businesses, has set up a pavilion dedicated to slow food merchandise vending, to be used by small typical producers in the pre-existing structures of the Gradina Visitor Center building complex.

Moreover, thanks to ongoing contacts with the G.A.L. - Karst Local Action Group, referent for the Trieste Green portal, the Reserve's offers are going to be included in an e-commerce network characterized by a B2C sales method of typical local products, which can be purchased directly on a dedicated site and from companies specialized in the enhancement of territorial characteristics.

Inside the Gradina Restaurant, it is also possible to purchase food and wine products deriving from these supply chains, as well as logged-in gadgets and other products distributed by Pavees Cooperative Society and by regional and local administrations.
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