The Gradina Museum has been projected as an illustrative panorama of the natural, historical and ethnographic wealth of the Karst.

Made with cutting-edge technical and multimedial materials, the expositive path immediately projects the visitor to the origin of the magic of these places, the reconstructed resurgences of the Lake of Doberdò, then crossing the naturalistic and anthropological development of the territory, from the first civilizations of hominids to the protohistoric fortified towns, from the prehistoric paleobotanical and megafaunistic presences to the living creatures now registered and well represented in dioramas of mixed composition.

A wide space is also dedicated to the tragedy of the Great War, a tragedy that found a very bloody theater in this placid border area; another corner is dedicated to the working and cultural uses of modern Karst society, a solemn and essential union of Italian and Slovenian cultures.

All these elements are accompanied by videos, multimedia activities, environmental audio and multilingual panels.

The Gradina Visitor Center is temporarily closed. 
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