Designed in multilingual format by the Didactic Division of Pavees Cooperative Society, a pool of highly qualified professionals with official certifications and qualifications, the educational proposals offered by the Gradina Visitor Center range through a series of reciprocal references between the most peculiar artistic, historical and cultural themes. and crucial aspects of the karst land, with hints and connections between particular dynamics and universal problems, such as sustainable development, climate change and coexistence between peoples, to whose attention the general didactic activity is aimed.

Bundles are articulated depending on the age and preparation target of the public, from preschool age to professional technicians and researchers, passing through all stages of school education.

Completing these offers there is an innovative educational component represented by in-situ panels, now updated according to modern knowledge on the chromatic and stylistic canons of awareness-raising layouts, and a very large multimedia section, suitable for continuing the on-site experience with interactive activities in the websites and social pages of the Natural Reserve.

To book a guided tour or to get more information on the bundles offered, please send an email to


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