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On the Nature Reserve the vegetational landscape is extremely varied and is characterized by habitats whose ecological characteristics range from wetlands, associated with the two lakes, to those that are almost steppe-like in the dry karstic grasslands. The overall result is a high degree of floristic biodiversity.

As far as Doberdò Lake is concerned, it is the only one to have retained the characteristics of a temporary lake, the varying floristic composition depending on the levels of soil humidity. Thus one passes from a riparian forest of willows and poplars through a sedge-bed with the showy blooms of Summer Snowflake Leucojum aestivum on through the reed-beds of Phragmites australis before getting to areas with greater depth, where aquatic species such as water lilies grow.

At Lake Pietrarossa the willow carr of Grey Willow Salix cinerea and Alder Buckthorn Frangula alnus is very well-developed and the vegetational sequence described for Doberdò Lake is not present, the water level being almost constant.

The dry, almost steppe-like karstic grassland  dominated by Chrysopogon gryllus and Centaurea cristata, subject to an ongoing process of scrubbing-over by Smoke-bush (Cotinus coggygria), is of particular importance.

Large areas are occupied by karstic scrub consisting of Downy Oak and Hop Hornbeam, only replaced in some cooler areas by woods made up of Sessile and Turkey Oaks.

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