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The protected area with its 726 ha (1,794 acres) involves three municipalities of the Province of Gorizia: Doberdò del Lago (Doberdob), Monfalcone and Ronchi dei Legionari. It was created under a Regional Law (no. 42/1996) taking into account the overall National Law on Protected Areas (No. 394/1991) and then placed in the European network known as “Natura 2000”.

The characteristic element of this reserve is the presence of two large karstic depressions  (polje) each with a lake and separated one from another by a range of limestone hills.
Given that the Karst is made up of limestone, an extremely permeable carbonate rock, the entire area lacks surface water bodies with water being confined to the subsoil. As a result the presence of the lakes contrasts stongly with the arid environments surrounding them and has allowed the development of ecosystems that are usually absent in the Karst and gives the protect area a high degree of biodiversity. Following the footpaths in the area offers the possibility to observe the transition from arid habitats such as the meadows of the landa carsica and the limestone pavements through to those of the wetlands that surround the lake.
On the hill above the lake of Doberdò is the Gradina Visitor Centre in the museum of which the visitor can, through an interactive display, take in the historical and ecological aspects of the reserve and the surrounding Karst .
The visitor centre also has a bar, a restaurant and a large guesthouse, that can sleep 20 people, managed (together with the Paludario) by the ROGOS Cooperative that also organizes educational activities with schools, guided visits and the dissemination of scientific information on the Reserve.

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