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Within a radius of 50-120 km you can visit the following sites (the kilometres given are approximate)

5km: mouths of the river Timavo (mentioned by Virgil in the Aeneid) at San Giovanni di Duino
7km: Rilke path (from Duino to Sistiana - 2 km walk within the Duino cliffs nature reserve)
8km: war memorial-ossuary of Redipuglia
15km: the city of Gorizia (castle, synagogue, cathedral, the church of St. Ignatius, Coronini Cromberg Palace)
20km: Natural reserve of the mouth of the River Isonzo
20 km: Aquileia
25km: Botanical garden of Carsiana at Sgonico
25km: the Grotta Gigante cave, the largest vertical cave in Italy
25km: citadel of Palmanova, the city-fortress in the shape of a star
30km: the city of Trieste
30 km: Miramare Castle
30 km: Grado
30 km: Lipica, riding stables stud farm for the Lipizzaner horses, tourists can visit the stables themselves
35 km: citadel of Cividale, the ancient Lombard city which became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2012.
45 km: park of the caves of St. Canzian / Skocjan (SLO): the river Reka disappears into the caves, reappearing on Italian territory as the River Timavo after 32 km underground
45 km: city of Udine
65 km: the Postojna caves
65 km: the town of Caporetto (Kobarid), known for the Italian defeat in 1917 and its War Museum
70 km: the castle of Predjama
120 km: the city of Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia
120 km: the city of Venice, former capital of the Serenissima

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